Ippei and Dan Review 2019 – Lead Generation Coaching Program

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⚠️ Important Update: Ippei and Dan’s course is completely outdated. My new, fully updated rank and rent course has been dropped! Cut through all the BS out there and go check it out – it’s the real deal:  https://ranknbank.ai

UPDATE April 3 2020 – How a Lead Generation Coaching Program Changed My Life

What’s up guys it’s Jordan Stambaugh and I’m the owner of Stambaugh Designs. This is a review of Ippei Kanehara & Dan’s lead generation program!

Now I joined the program about 3 years ago and it has literally transformed my entire business and I’m very thankful for what you have taught me.

I was already doing website design, graphic and logo design and a little bit of marketing but I couldn’t actually figure out how to generate residual income for my business.

I would finish one project and I’d be on to the next one, trading my time for money. And so when I saw this program I knew I had to jumped on it because I could already build websites and I think the line that caught my attention to join the program was “rent simple websites”.

I thought I can do that! I build websites all the time, what do you mean? That peaked my interest. So I joined the program and long story short it has taught me so much and revolutionized the way I conduct my business.

And the cost of actually joining this program is a no brainer from the return on that investment I made only 4-8 months in and that I will continue to make for a lifetime.

It has taught me the technical know-how of actually how to rank a website and now I can do it very quickly. It kind of opens the world to SEO and what you can do with lead generation, local SEO, and ultimately provide a really good service to clients. And then those clients can go on to serve their customers in a better way as well because they have more room to maneuver in their own businesses as well.

So it’s very fulfilling to actually go out and get results and get results for clients and grow your business using this program. It actually teaches you more than just the technical SEO and “how to” components. It teaches you sales, business philosophy, how to prospect for new clients, and Ippei and Dan have been such a resource for the program for teaching me all of these things.

The community in itself is over 5,000 strong at this point and the search bar in the group is absolutely amazing. The support team has been answering questions for about 4-5 years now and all of the questions and answers are archived so you can actually search something you have a question about and you can be sure that someone has been exactly where you’re at right now and there’s an instant answer waiting for you.

That in itself is a huge huge HUGE resource and a big community of people just like you to support you on your journey. People are talking on there every day its really a family that they’ve built with that online community. Dan is doing 2 live call videos per week. He’s been doing that for over 4 years…which is absolutely insane, I don’t know how he does it! But I am very thankful I’ve learned so much from him.

I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting both Ippei and Dan at a mastermind event so I can vouch that they’re real people. They individually have awesome businesses you can peer over their shoulders into via live call videos.

And I think the last thing I want to you leave you with is this isn’t a get rich quick program (duh). The only thing that this program has in common with all of those other “options” online is that it is an *option*.

What I mean by that is a lot of people who enter this program fail (and any program not specifically this one but any program they join) because they get “shiny object syndrome” right.

It looks something like this: They join, and they get complacent and don’t make it work. They don’t put in the work to see it through and get their first win and they get caught on a shiny object, chasing some rabbit down a hole and they never follow through with what they told themselves they would do.

Sorry to break it to you but if you don’t have integrity then you can’t run a successful business.

So the biggest thing I wanted to say is just do the work. Make one website work for you and you will see that it works. This program WORKS if you work the program.

It’s amazing to see the questions posted in the group asking if it works, but why are they asking when they haven’t actually done anything yet? You’ll hear it a million times – follow the process. The process is what you pay for and you learn exactly what you need to do to blow this thing out of the water. The mindset training, business coaching, community, two weekly calls, file downloads, VIP etc. is literally all bonus.

You just need to stay consistent and Ippei & Dan put out a lot of content to keep you on track but it comes down to you making it work.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this review. Thank you Ippei & Dan, I am eternally grateful for what you taught me and how you’ve changed my business and I hope this review has helped you make a decision on taking the leap and *allowing* this program and community to change your life and business for the better.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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