How a Rank and Rent Coaching Program Changed My Life



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⚠️ Important Update: Ippei and Dan’s course is completely outdated. My new, fully updated rank and rent course has been dropped! Cut through all the BS out there and go check it out – it’s the real deal:

It’s 2014 and I was just let go of my first job I had after college. I was working at an A.I. start up as a graphic and web designer. I got some great corporate experience, and some not so great corporate experience.

Long story short, the company received $13 Million in capital investment and they “optimized” the company, letting people go left and right including the entire design team.

I stepped out onto the sidewalk thinking to myself: “Now what?”

And I’ll be honest – I applied for unemployment and received the support for about a year. But in that time I didn’t sit idly by wondering which job I was going to apply to next.

I built a portfolio.

That day in early 2014 was the biggest and best shove in the right direction I could have ever asked for – and I haven’t looked back.

That was the day I went freelance.

Did you know that more than 36% of the United States workforce is freelance?

I was terrified. I didn’t know how to get clients of my own, but I started to learn everything and everything there was about marketing my company, meeting potential clients at coffee shops to talk about what I could do for them.

I would go on to learn sales, writing contracts, getting the client to sign the contract(super important), content marketing, networking events, email marketing, asking for online reviews, and even doing my own business taxes.

But the biggest question I had while running around wearing all the different hats was:

“How do I build in residual income to my business?”

That was (and still is) the holy grail of business. Residual income, or making money while you sleep, is what every entrepreneur strives to achieve.

And so I started to ask myself “How can I provide more value to my clients?”

The transformation of my business

If you asked me what I did in 2014 I would say “I’m a graphic designer”.

If you asked me what I did in 2015 I would say “I’m a web designer”.

If you asked me what I did in 2016 I would say “I own a web design & branding studio”.

If you asked me what I did in 2017 I would say “I’m a digital marketer”.

If you asked me what I did in 2018 I would say “I’m an SEO”.

If you asked me what I did in 2019 I would say “I do lead generation”.

If you asked me what I do in 2020 I would say “I’m a client acquisition specialist”.

As you can see, there’s a huge gap in value between a graphic designer to client acquisition specialist. Everyone wants more clients and customers, but not everyone wants a new logo.

The amount of value I have been able to add to my business is in direct correlation with the amount of money clients are willing to pay me for my services. It all comes down to:

How big of a problem are you solving for your clients?

The amount of value you offer to clients shows how big of a problem you can solve for them.

But how did a lead generation coaching program change everything? Let’s take a look.

The lead generation coaching program that changed my life

Going back to the timeline of my career, you can see a big shift between 2016 and 2017. I went from offering website design and branding, to offering digital marketing.

So what changed?

I added on Search Engine Optimization(SEO) as a service.

I sort of knew what SEO was, but it wasn’t until I joined a lead generation coaching program that I could actually apply it to my own business and my client’s businesses.

You see, I would build these beautiful websites for clients and 1 of 2 things would happen:

  1. Their website would get no visitors or traffic. They were really expensive glorified business cards.
  2. My client went on to hire a marketing company to drive traffic to the website and generate leads, which means I “lost” them as a client after the web design phase.

I already understood that business owners wanted more. They wanted leads. So learning SEO was my goal to satisfy that need and provide more value to my potential clients.

After I joined a lead generation coaching program I started to understand that leads are the most important thing to any type of business. If you can generate leads, the business owner will pay you handsomely for them.

The Power of 2! Website Design & SEO

I already knew how to design beautiful websites in WordPress. I already knew logo design, user interface design and branding (I even have a degree in New Media Design).

And adding search engine optimization turned me into a lead generation powerhouse.

Now my days are filled with launching small 5-10 page websites, ranking them in Google for profitable keywords, and selling the leads to local business owners.

I am a client acquisition specialist. But also a digital landlord.

You see, I charge monthly recurring amounts for business owners to rent these small websites from me. In return, they get a consistent flow of phone calls. And if they decide to not pay their rent, I simple find another tenant who’s willing to pay for the leads and grow their business instead.

Interested in Joining a Lead Generation Coaching Program?

It’s a great business model, and I owe it all to a lead generation coaching program.

⚠️ Important Update: My new, fully updated rank and rent course has been dropped! Cut through all the BS out there and go check it out – it’s the real deal:

Talk soon!

Jordan Stambaugh